When and where do you practice?
– Practices consist of one hour of  ice every Tuesday morning at the Onyx Ice Arena in Rochester, Michigan just minutes away from campus.

Figure skating is expensive. How much would I be spending?
– Costs are kept as low as possible for skaters. Joining the freestyle team is a low monthly commitment that covers coaching, ice fees and most competition costs. Multiple fundraising opportunities are available.

It’s really competitive, right?
– Team members have represented the entire spectrum of skating skills: from those who are just learning to skate or may be low-level testers to those who have a lot of competitive experience. We compete against other colleges, so yes it is competitive, but most importantly it’s about having fun!

What kind of support comes from Oakland University?
– Figure skating is an official club sport at OU and is thus eligible for up to a $4,000 allocation each semester. This is fairly unique for a public university located in the Midwest section.

Do I have to be a student at OU?
– To compete on the intercollegiate freestyle team, you must be a full-time student enrolled at OU. Dual-enrolled students qualify (that includes M2O, SC2O and O2O students).


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